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Mens Style Tips on the Perfect Shave

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Okay, even if bears are popular today, a clean shaved face is something that’s equally appreciated. But, we all know, that shaving isn’t something that always go right. So, how can we have a flawless mens style that’s completed with a nicely shaven face? Well, the first thing that you need to do is to take a bit of time. Don’t shave the moment you woke up, take a few moments. Grab a coffee, some tea, brush those teeth and wait about ten minute before you shave.

Next, make sure that you have a really nice lubrication. Shaving oil works great, but you need to let it soak in for about a minute. This way you won’t get razor burns or rashes. But, before you do this, make sure that you washed your face thoroughly with a nice facial scrub, as this will open up your pores and this way, you’ll scrape away any dead cells and the shave will leave your face smoother.

Mens Perfect Shaving

Mens Perfect Shaving

When it comes right down to it, the shaving foam is great, but, don’t use too much. Massage it into your skin, making sure that it’s well lubricated, and that’s it. Keep in mind that shaving in the shower is actually recommended as all that steam will soften your facial hair and open up your pores. However, you need to wait for about 4 minutes before you shave. Or better yet, you can shave after the shower when the pores are opened and the hairs are  soft.

Another great tip for a perfect shave is using the sharpest blades. Replace the blades after each four or five uses, and make sure to wash your blades well with hot water after you shaved. At the same time, you want your blade to be warm before you shave, so, keep it under hot water for a moment or two. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows, and not against it! Follow the direction of your hair when you shave!

After you shaved, apply lotion. However, make sure that you apply a product that feels good on your skin. Avoid alcohol based solutions as they can cause irritation. At the same time, dry shaving is not recommended, and if you want our advice, the best way to get the foam into your ski is with an old fashioned shaving brush! So, here’s how you can really have a nice shave and get a really cool and neat mens style working for you!

Current Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion Magazines

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Although one might be tempted to think such a notion is likely to brad one as effeminate, the last few years have seen a radical change of mentality with regards to the complicated issue that is men’s fashion. With the multitude of styles available on the market, one often finds himself confused, and it’s no secret that fashion has never been men’s strongest point. If you’re in need of a bit of guidance and want to learn how to look your best in any circumstance, these publications could help. As for the embarrassment factor — only the postman will know.

A situation men usually find themselves in is failing to dress properly for an event or activity they are attending and standing out in the crowd, in a negative way. It’s true that one has every right to reject this exacerbated frivolity and lack of substance dominating society in general; nonetheless self-confidence is of the essence and like it or not the world is still highly superficial. So if you need a hand identifying the type of clothes and accessories suitable for each type of outing, guaranteed to help you leave others with the best impression, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look at these publications.

Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion

Needless to say, fashion is not limited to clothes, and comprises many other aspects such as shoes and accessories (hats, ties, watches and even jewelry). When intending to be very elegant and not exactly sure what goes with what, you’ll find many articles guiding you step-by-step towards avoiding errors due to the lack of inspiration. It is said that shoes are the be-all of a man’s elegance, and whether that’s an exaggeration or not, one should always make sure to correctly assort his shoes to the rest of his outfit.

Accessories however range from items one actually wears to gadgets they are equipped with, such as mobile phones, as some consider them an important part of their style.

Even though these publications are far from being exclusively oriented at gentlemen of homosexual orientation, a significant number of periodicals of this genre have sections dedicated to gay fashion, as it’s a bit more diversified, nonconformist and involves more creativity than the typical male attire. And since most gay men are keen on being up to date with the latest designer creations, and unlike straight men they are usually familiar with the territory, these magazines will make an even more enjoyable read.


If you’re just starting your journey through the corporate world, strangely uptight when it comes to fashion. You’ll need the best possible advice regarding your attire, so that your image is a perfect reflection of your professional and intellectual level, or else you might be misjudged, as uncanny as that might sound. On the other hand, don’t think that dressing casually requires no style whatsoever; if you’ve ever wondered how some men manage to maintain a pleasant and blast.

Mens Shoes

Mens Shoes

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Mens shoes can say a lot, they tell your where a man has been and where he is going. They say a man’s haircut and hat convey whom he wants to be, his shoes on the other hand say who he is. Making sure that you are sending of the right signals is important, but not difficult.

There are a lot of shoes out there but most of them fit into just a few categories. In each of these categories you have several different options. We will take a more in depth look at each section on its own later. For now let’s look at the categories that mens shoes fall into.


Oxfords are low profile, lace up shoes with a non rubber sole. They usually have few embellishments with the exception of wingtips or brogues. They come in a variety of colors including black, brown, cordovan, and camel. They are usually worn as dress shoes and for business purposes but can be worn to semi-formal events as well.


Loafers are leather slip-ons characterized by their lack of laces. They can be worn with both casual and more dressy attire. Most have a broad flat heel that distinguishes them from moccasins. There are many different types of loafers some have tassels, and some a strap across the top with a slot for change or a decorative piece affectionately referred to as penny loafers.


We are not talking about cowboy or work boots here. There are basically two sub categories of boots that concern the fashion forward man. Dress and Casual boots come in both black and brown shades. Dress boot come up to the ankle with a zippered side, and a heel similar to that of an oxford. Casual boots come is several styles, they can be both lace up or zippered. The notable difference being the more matte finish and the chunkier heel.


This is the most abused category in mens shoes. When referring to sneakers we mean classic casual sneakers such as converse all stars or pumas, not running shoes. These are shoes that can be worn on the weekend or with other casual outfits. They should be a low profile with a relatively flat soul. Keep them in classic subdued colors, save the bright orange shoes for your road work.

Casual Shoe

Sneakers are not acceptable for all casual events, because of this you will need to pick up another pair of casual shoes. These can range from a pair of boat shoes to a pair of casual leather shoes with a rubber sole. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep them sleek and low profile. These will often be paired with your straight leg jeans, and don’t want the size to overpower them.

Mens Shoes

Mens Shoes


It is said that you respect a man 18% less once you have seen his toes. However there are a few occasions where a man may deem it appropriate to wear sandals. In those occasions it is best to keep it simple. If you are going to the beach go with a simple pair of thongs or single strap sandals. In almost all other situations you would be better served with sneakers or your casual shoes.

Now that we have what shoes are out there we should discuss when is the best time to wear each pair.

The best rule of thumb is wearing them as they are designed. I know, it sounds simplistic. However, wearing your dress shoes for business or a more formal occasion will always look appropriate. Dawning loafers and casual shoes to more light hearted events is the best choice.

If a shoe serves a specific function like say a running shoe, that shoe is best left to its speciality. Few people would wear a pair of athletic cleats with a button down and jeans. But, you see lots pairing this outfit with running shoes.

With a little practice and some trial and error, you will be a mens shoes specialist in no time. Once you get the hang of the basics you will be able to decide when it is appropriate to use these shoes in more obscure circumstances. Like pairing your wingtip oxfords with a t-shirt and jeans with a blazer. As always, mastering the basics is the key to savantism later. Read similar article