The best superpowers to have

If you haven’t met me in person, I don’t really appear to be nerdy other than my glasses and occasional Marvel T-shirts. However, I have spent my entire life watching Marvel movies, all sorts of Star Wars media, and even some DC stuff. For my whole life, I’ve watched superhero movies but it only really amazed me when I was a kid, because I realize now that none of it is real or anything. ¬†Only upon stretching to the furthest reaches of my brain did I realize that I’ve never really thought too deep into having superpowers. Good thing I’ve got tons of free time to write whatever pops into my head.

Nowadays I’m more of a nonfiction person and prefer heist movies, so if I can’t rationalize something into realism then I don’t really care about what I’m watching. There’s a few exceptions, I guess. Just like how there are no exceptions to be made when choosing the best Seattle Hood Cleaning. In any event, now that it’s fresh in my head, I’m gonna have a discussion on what I think would be the most ideal superpowers to have. First up is flight. Since I’m already talking about superhuman abilities, I’m not going to try to inject any realism into these talking points. These are just hypothetical points without any realistic counterpoints.

If I could fly, then 1. I’d never have to pay for air fare, 2. Be able to escape multiple dangerous situations, such as an earthquake or a shooting, and 3. I would just be able to travel to way more places, and I could do all sorts of activities in towns that I had never previously been to.Next up is super strength. Both of these abilities are super generic, I know, but if they’re so commonly used then they have to be somewhat good. Depending on how “super” my strength actually became, I would at least be stronger than I am now. I could find some kind of vocation that necessitated lifting heavy objects to help people out, like a cleanup crew. Flight would definitely be a lot cooler than strength, because it’s more versatile.