Finally Found Myself A Reliable Tulsa Optometrist

tulsa eye doctor


The need for eye care in Tulsa is definitely not nonexistent. I was looking at statistics online yesterday, and most people will need to see an optometrist at some point in your life. Even over the course of a decade, that’s still plenty of time to see one. The Tulsa optometrist that I used to visit has packed up and left, because he was at the age of retirement. I am sure that optometry is a profitable business, too.

After searching for a while, I realized that I could always just ask my friends. After all, they all wear glasses so they must have been to a Tulsa eye clinic somewhere in the city. When doing research by myself, it was always the same thing no matter where I looked. You could either choose quality or affordability and there was no in between. Even as cynical as I am, there was no way I could believe no reliable Tulsa eye doctors were left out there.

So I asked around in my friend group, and surprisingly they all suggested the same place: Dr Zoellner & Associates. I decided to research them, because even my closest friends can still be a little unreliable at times (when it comes to certain things). There was no way I was wasting my time with more bad Tulsa optometry, either. I was either going to find a good Tulsa eye clinic here or just go blind.

Fortunately for me, Dr Zoellner & Associates has a lot of great online reviews to sift through. I learned everything that I needed to know, and then determined that these were some great Tulsa eye doctors. Dr Zoellner & Associates has this deal that people kept bringing up in the reviews, and it was what piqued my interest the most. You can get an eye exam and a pair of glasses for $99.


With all of the great things I was hearing about this place in the reviews, this deal was a steal. Normally if you find Tulsa optometry that is this affordable, it’s because you either can’t book an appointment or the doctor is extremely new to their practice and doesn’t offer quality service. So they’re still learning to price their services, as well. The deals do not just end there, though. If you are interested, you can pick up an additional pair of glasses (on top of the first one and an eye exam) for just $30 more.

This deal is the one that I found was mentioned most in their positive online reviews. Reading reviews is all just speculation, however. If I wanted to get to the bottom of my Tulsa eye clinic problem, I was going to have to make myself an appointment to get my eyes checked. As soon as their friendly receptionist picked up the phone, I could tell that she was very warm and hospitable.

There were no problems with making an appointment, even though it was a busier time for them. In addition, she had no problem understanding what I was saying. One of the Tulsa optometrists that I called in the past seemed to have a receptionist who couldn’t understand English. Needless to say, everything that I was looking for in Tulsa optometry, I found. I got a sweet new pair of glasses as well.

Mine were getting pretty old. Great service, and a great atmosphere. Everyone had a smile on their face, which I appreciated. It’s always nice when staff go out of their way to make their customers enjoy the experience, no matter how sideways their day is going. It feels as if a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.