The pool at Bower’s Mansion

Time for part 2, which can sometimes be pretty good. I mean, The Road Warrior was pretty amazing. Especially because the first Mad Max didn’t really use the wasteland theme well enough to their advantage. Anyways, after we sweated back down all those steps and made it back to the barbecue, we sat in the grass for a bit longer while Steph’s grandma “secretly” took pictures of us. I was laying against Steph while she played with my hair because she loves my hair, and I heard the repeated shuffling of the camera’s shutters. Steph was too oblivious to notice, but I could always tell.

denver hood clean

I just hate the fact that I almost always look like I’m frowning, so it ruins pictures if I’m ever unaware.  I look bad in most pictures anyway. The pool opened at 12 PM, but we headed there around 1. I was planning on swimming pretty much the whole time, so I was already wearing my suit. Admission was around $5 depending on your age, but Steph’s family is on the lower side economically. Steph, Kaity, and I were told that we would be 14, 13, and 15, respectively. I’m not sure why she didn’t keep Kaity’s original age because she’s only 11, but Steph’s mom doesn’t always make the greatest decisions. The water was ice cold like Tahoe, which didn’t even make any sense. Kinda like how it doesn’t make sense that you’d go anywhere else for a denver hood cleaning.

denver hood cleaning

There were like 30 other people in the pool, so wouldn’t the body heat and direct sunlight at least warm it up a few degreees? It didn’t really affect my swimming that much, because I absolutely love swimming. I just dove right into the water and started swimming around. Steph had been bothering me the whole day about wanting to arm wrestle, so I pressured her into going off the diving board with me by falsely promising that I’d arm wrestle her afterwards. It’s not really lying if she never remembers that she wanted to arm wrestle anyways. And remember, it’s only peer pressure if they say yes