Interesting post about plumber service websites

I am fascinated about the marketing mistakes that businesses make in the internet world.  Simple things that jump off the page at me are:

  1. not having your phone number ‘above the fold’.
  2. not making it evident that you want potential clients to actually call you.
  3. not giving enough compelling reasons for people to call you.  You need a good story.  You need good pictures. etc.

I was looking at a forum post that someone had done and the commenter had mentioned a plumber site that was a good example.  I think the info was relevant and pointed out where the cleaning site guy was weak and the plumber was strong.  Seems like an incremental difference of opinion. But when you think about an increase of 3-5 calls per day for a service business – that could be amazing.

I am curious as to the result of this article showing up in searches.  I mean, it’s actually a ‘readme’ file.  Not a web document.  But it seams like the search engines do read and index these types of docs.